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FOSTA-SESTA Policy Statement

Swingers Style, which Grafenberg Entertainment Networks, L.L.C., operate, is committed to comply with the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) and to Fight Online Sex Trafficking. This commitment extends to promoting strict compliance on an ongoing basis with Swingers Style, which Grafenberg Entertainment Networks, L.L.C, operates. Terms and Conditions.

II. Reason for Policy/Purpose

This FOSTA-SESTA Compliance Policy (this "Policy") sets forth the Company's policies and procedures to be undertaken to further its compliance commitment. This document is a management system adopted to provide overall structure and controls for FOSTA compliance. This ethically non-monogamous Website does not contain sexually explicit images as defined in 18 U.S.C. 2256. Accordingly, neither this Site nor the contents contained herein are covered by the record-keeping provisions of 18 USC 2257(a)-(c). Disclaimer: This Website contains adult material. You must be over 18 to enter or 21, where applicable by law. All Members are over 18 years of age. We regularly review our compliance policies and procedures in case of a material change in the Company's Business or applicable law.

The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) in the U.S. The Senate and House bills that, as the FOSTA-SESTA package, became law on April 11, 2018. They clarify the country's sex trafficking law to make it illegal to knowingly assist, facilitate, or support sex trafficking and amend the Section 230 safe harbors of the Communications Decency Act (which makes online services immune from civil liability for the actions of their users) to exclude enforcement of federal or state sex trafficking laws from its immunity. FOSTA amends the Communications Act of 1934 and explains that the Communications Act does not prohibit the enforcement of Federal and State criminal and civil laws relating to sexual exploitation of children or sex trafficking against providers and users of interactive computer services. Consequently, Swingers Style, which Grafenberg Entertainment Networks, L.L.C., operates, takes the necessary steps in this Policy to prevent members of the Website from using the Site to engage in any activity that

  1. Promotes or facilitates prostitution,
  2. Facilitates traffickers in advertising the sale of unlawful sex acts with sex trafficking victims
  3. Or otherwise violate FOSTA.

Administration of the (FOST SESTA) Policy

The Grafenberg Entertainment Networks, Chief Technology Officer ("CCO") will manage the supervision of this Policy. The C.T.O. will establish and oversee the management of procedures to facilitate the timely detection of violations of FOSTA-SESTA and coordinate the Company's investigation of any reports of potential breaches of FOSTA-SESTA.

Execute a Recording System

Swingers Style, which Grafenberg Entertainment Networks, L.L.C., operates, has an email account and a telephone number that any User of the website or any employees of the Company can email or call to report any suspicious behaviors when believes to be a violation of the FOSTA-SESTA Act.

Examinations & Inquiries

Swingers Style, which Grafenberg Entertainment Networks, L.L.C., operates, audits the Website by assessing the following:

  1. The member's r's profile
  2. Any of the User's communications made on the Website.
  3. Other content transmitted on the Site by the User (an "Audit")

Swingers Style, which Grafenberg Entertainment Networks, L.L.C., operate, may also conduct an Audit for any reason, in its sole discretion. Swingers Style, which Grafenberg Entertainment Networks, L.L.C operate, may conduct a random Audit that leads the Business to believe that any User has violated or may have violated FOSTA-SESTA. In that case, the Company will report the violation to the appropriate authority and terminate the User's account or access to the Site.

Reports to Law Enforcement

Under the Terms of Use, Swingers Style prohibits its members from engaging in illegal acts, such as prostitution, Human trafficking, sex trafficking, child abuse, or endangerment. A violation of this section will be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20535. Phone: 202-324-3000.

Swingers Style has a global reach. A violation of this section outside of the United States will be reported to the International Criminal Police Organization, commonly known as INTERPOL, 200, Quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 Lyon France Fax: +33 4 72 44 71 63. In addition, Swingers Style prohibits advertising vendors, Swingers event promoters, and Swingers clubs owners from sending commercial emails and using other promotional methods that may violate applicable law and otherwise be inappropriate (e.g., sexually explicit material on a general purpose or non-adult oriented Website) If Swingers Style, which Grafenberg Entertainment Networks operate believes a violation of FOSTA is occurring or has occurred, it will report such breach to law enforcement globally.

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Last Updated: November 15, 2023