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Grafenberg Entertainment Networks, LLC DBA Swingers Style

Swingers Style has been in the making for ten years. Our closed restricted network is the equivalent of being in your home with the doors closed. We are the world's only, proprietary, closed restricted network for all swingers, kinksters, cuckolds, hotwives, and polyamorous. Our network can’t be replicated.  Forget about the old days of living in fear about your employer legally using the lifestyle against you, stressing that you might run into your boss, clients, business partners, neighbors, friends, and family members, or worrying about your safety and privacy in the lifestyle. From our platform, you your privacy and constitutional rights are fully protected. If you ever wanted to explore your darkest fantasies while remaining anonymous, legal protect your career, privacy, and safety, you have stumbled upon your adult Disneyland. People have called our platform "pioneering". We call it "about time."

Since the emergence of artificial intelligence and facial recognition, most individuals are unaware that their most vulnerable and intimate pictures that they posted on publicly accessible sexually oriented websites, public social media groups, and internet content subscriptions, have been discreetly harvested and web scraped by data brokers to train their machine learning and sold for facial recognition purposes. When people web scrape your pictures from public sexually oriented websites, they can also use for deepfake. Deepfakes use deep learning artificial intelligence to replace, alter, or mimic someone's face in video or voice in audio.  People have self-sabotaged without even realizing it. 

Publicly accessible adult websites and public social media platforms are breeding grounds for data brokers. Your personal branding and privacy will never be able to be recovered once it’s lost. Why aren’t these websites “fixable”?  The answer is simple.  When someone creates a fake profile and implants a web scraper in a publicly accessible platform, the website owner will never be able to detect that web scraper and the bad actor. When posting pictures on publicly accessible websites, your right to privacy doesn't exist. 

If a website was publicly accessible at any time, it will never be able to be a closed, restricted network. Some may try to change owners or website names to fool you, but it’s impossible. Swingers Style is the world's only proprietary, closed restricted network and always will be. Swingers Style was founded to protect the constitutional rights of all lifestylers. We provide our community anonymity, aggressive legal protection, and safety. No other platform can provide what we provide.  At Swingers Style you won’t have to be worried about blackmailers, violent sex offenders or violent criminal offenders. We save lives, careers, and the future while bringing like-minded people together in a non-judgmental safe space. Now, it is your chance to explore your sexual fantasies and darkest sexual taboos. Make the smart decision; Join Swingers Style Today!