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What is the Swingers Style Closed Restricted Network Platform?

The Swingers Style closed restricted platform is a unique and exclusive platform that caters specifically to swingers, kinsters, polyamorous individuals, cuckholds, hotwives, and those who prefer to remain anonymous. It is the only platform of its kind in the world that ensures the safety and privacy of its members. Our main purpose in creating this platform was to provide a secure and anonymous space for lifestylers to explore their fantasies without any fear of repercussions. We have implemented strict measures to prevent employers from using our members' lifestyle choices against them. Additionally, we offer legal protection to our members, guaranteeing that no current or former members can legally reveal or harm them in any way. Our platform is designed to keep you safe from sexual predators and violent offenders, while also providing you with the anonymity and legal safeguards you need.

Why is a closed restricted network important?

New technology has emerged. Facial and iris recognition, web scraping, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are not concepts of science fiction. It is the current world we live in. Perhaps you've used a facial scan to open your phone or an eye scan to move faster through the security lines at the airport. This technology is being used in many ways. More than ever, the US military, Transportation Security Administration, individuals, and government agencies and employers have an interest in people's digital footprints. Signing up with open network, publicly accessible lifestyle websites or sexual oriented websites is the equivalency of walking naked in public. You compromise your family, safety, privacy, and career. Do not self-sabotage by giving your biometric facial recognition to government entities, law enforcement, private facial recognition companies, and individuals by signing up with these public lifestyle websites. Once your pictures are web scraped from these public lifestyle websites, they are used for facial recognition purposes. Facial Recognition is the most reliable authentication method, and it carries significant risk for people that post their intimate pics/videos on public websites. Think about it this way: If a garden is surrounded by a fence with a gate and the gate is closed, anyone climbing over the fence is breaking and entering and will be held accountable for breaking the law. However, if the garden owner had no fence or a "No Trespassing Sign," they can't prosecute. Basically, all other current swingers, kinks and sexually oriented are publicly accessible websites. If you sign up with these websites, you essentially give permission for anyone to see your pictures and sell them to facial recognition companies. They are public property. If you've signed up with any of these public lifestyle or sexual oriented websites, your facial recognition has most likely already been web scraped. After 15+ years of harvesting pics, videos, and data from public lifestyle websites, most of these facial recognition companies are now in the launch phase. The more you keep exposing yourself on those public websites, the more likely the facial recognition companies have your digital footprint and will give access to that information to your current or prospective employers, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, the US military, and private individuals.

Are there any other closed restricted platforms?

No, Swingers Style is the only pure closed restricted network in the world for swingers, kinksters and Poly members!

How does Swingers Style prevent web scraping and protect your identity?

As a closed restricted (not public) network, when you become a member, we seal your identity, which means no one from the outside will ever be able to link you to the lifestyle. A pure, credible, closed restricted network has a highly selective process and organically starts offline with a minimum of 15,000+ members where all members successfully pass a criminal background check and behavioral interview. This weeds out violent offenders and 100% preserves the identities of the members from the public, law enforcement and facial recognitions companies. It takes a minimum of 8 to 10 years to organically build a pure closed restricted network platform. Web scraping and exposing your identity is not possible. If there is a situation where a current member(s) tries to sabotage our platform, we have technology in place to intercept, track and criminally fully prosecute them. If the perpetrator is outside of the United States, we will request an extradition and ask for an Interpol Red Notice which is the closest instrument to an international arrest warrant in use today. Our battle tested trial/appellate attorneys are prior prosecutors and judges and they are ready at any time.

What are public swingers/kink sexual oriented websites?

Public swingers/kink sexual oriented websites are websites that are wide open to the public. Public websites, data brokers, and individuals can web scrape for your images and videos and sell them to Artificial intelligence companies for facial recognition and background check purposes. More than ever, private companies, state and federal governments are using facial recognition technology to scan their current or prospective employees' digital footprints as a part of their background check purposes. It's a new world. Landmark cases have always shaped history and have an impact on how we live our lives.

Can other current, public websites claim they've now become a close restricted network?

No, because they were never close restricted at the beginning. It takes a minimum of 8 to 10 years to organically build a pure closed restricted network platform. It is nearly impossible to build or replicate our current closed restricted Network platform. We expect many companies to claim they are also closed restricted. As innovators, we built a model and system that is not possible to replicate. Once a public website is infected with a web scraping boot, there is no remedy. Evidence shows for the past 25+ years, all the current public swingers/kink sexual oriented websites have been operating as public websites. Their business model has always been to have as many users as possible. They will never say no to money, which at the end of the day, compromises your career, safety, and privacy. Data brokers and facial recognition companies have been web scrapping data from all public sexual oriented websites for decades. Once a data broker inserts an undetectable web scraping boot in a public website, there is no way for the website owner to find out who is harvesting pics and videos from their websites. If you ever signed up for any of public swingers/kinks or sexual oriented websites, most likely your pics and videos have already been web scraped and sold. The longer you keep using these public websites, the more individuals and companies will end up having your iris/biometric facial recognition for their internal databases. Free Public data carries tremendous value for data brokers and companies, which includes the state and federal government.

What is Iris Recognition/ Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition is a way of identifying or confirming an individual's identity using their face. Facial recognition systems can be used to identify people in photos, videos, or in real-time. Your faceprint is then compared against a database of other known faces. For instance, the FBI has access to up to 17 billion photos, drawn from various state databases. On Facebook, any photo tagged with a person's name becomes a part of Facebook's database, which may also be used for facial recognition. If your faceprint matches an image in a facial recognition database, then a determination is made. Tests by the National Institute of Standards and Technology reflects as of April of 2020; the best face identification algorithm boasted an error rate of just 0.08%. Facial recognition algorithms can hit accuracy scores as high as 99.97% on the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Facial Recognition Vendor Test when used in this way. A facial recognition system uses biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video. Facial identification algorithm compares the information with a database of known faces to find a match. Facial recognition technology is becoming more widespread. The extraordinary mediocrity of all the other swingers, kinks, poly or sexually oriented websites you've signed up for in the past has already caused your information to be at the hands of thousands of private companies, individuals, and government entities. That data can link you to the exact websites and locations where they were legally obtained. Iris scanning technology allows private companies, individuals, and law enforcement agencies to compare iris images with an existing database of images they legally scrape from publicly available public open network websites such as mug shot websites, social media, and all other current lifestyle and sexual oriented websites. For the past 15 years, Artificial intelligence (AI) companies have been quietly web scrapping all available public websites, which include all current swingers, kinks, poly, and all other sexual oriented websites. Free public data that is legally obtained is the holy grail for data brokers, private individuals, and artificial intelligence companies. Independent, verifiable data from many dark webs and data brokers and analyzed by Fusex Social Club, indicates that if you ever signed up with any of the current publicly available swingers, kinks, or sexual websites, your Iris recognition is already at the hands of many government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and private individuals. The technology those Artificial intelligence (AI) companies are currently using have the capability to pinpoint exactly what sexual oriented public websites you posted your pictures and videos onto. Employers and law enforcement agencies consider this type of information extremely valuable. Iris scans are quicker and more reliable than fingerprint identification. It is easier for an individual to obscure or alter their fingers than it is to alter their eyes.

How were private companies able to obtain my facial recognition from publicly available lifestyle websites?

When companies scrape public profiles with automated bots, it is all legal. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), a federal anti-hacking law that bars unauthorized access to computer systems, does not apply to websites that are open to the public. Facial recognition is more accurate than fingerprint. With the new emergence of Artificial Intelligence, it is very easy for these companies to scrape your publicly available images and videos from public websites. It takes no more than 1 hour to use automated bots to scrape images and videos that are publicly available from each of those websites. Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. It also includes Expert systems, voice recognition, machine vision, and natural language processing (NLP).

When did private companies and government entities start to build their facial recognition database by scraping all available social networking websites, sexual oriented and alternative lifestyle public websites?

We estimate Artificial intelligence and facial recognition companies have been building their facial recognition database for the past 15 years and are now in the deployment phase. All these current lifestyle and sexual oriented websites failed their users. For years, they failed to keep up with the new facial recognition trends. To make matters worse, they even used their users' profile description and pics to optimize their websites, which is disgraceful. When you post your pics on any public lifestyle websites, your face, your identity, privacy, and future is not your own. It is crucial to keep up with changing technology trends. Companies want to have a full digital footprint of all their current and prospective employees. Our computer forensic investigators discovered the top 7 sexual oriented websites, swingers, kinks, and polyamorous websites' members biometric facial recognitions have been already available for sale in the dark web. When analyzing the data, it is safe to conclude nearly 99 % of individuals that ever posted their photos and videos to any of those sexual oriented or lifestyle websites have already been exposed and their facial recognition data is already at the hands of government entities, private individuals, and companies. Facial recognition is more accurate than fingerprinting. Expecting to be private in any of those public websites is delusional.

Can you share a list of public sexual oriented websites that have been already web scraped?

Automated web scraping of publicly accessible websites does not violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), even if the website owner objects to the scraping. The Ninth Circuit found that scraping public websites is not the type of "breaking and entering" into computers that the CFAA prohibits. The CFAA is, at its core, a cybersecurity bill, which prohibits unauthorized access to computers and computer systems. It creates a civil claim for anyone who suffers damages or loss from a person who "intentionally accesses a computer without authorization or exceeds authorized access, and thereby obtains … information from any protected computer." The term "protected computer" refers to any computer "used in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce or communication," which effectively means any computer or server connected to the internet. All the current public swingers/kink sexual oriented websites or apps are capable of being legally web scrapped and sold for profits. Our team has reviewed millions of iris recognition datasets, pictures, and videos that were for sale. From that data's, we can confidently tell that most public swingers/kinks sexual oriented websites and apps have already been web scraped and sold. For legal reasons, we won't reveal the exact websites. Once a website is a public website, at any point of time, they cannot become a closed restricted Network and likely have had their users videos and pics facial recognition information sold.

What makes Swingers Style different?

1. SwingersStyle.com was developed with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology, and is the world's only pure closed restricted network for swingers, Kinksters and polyamorous in the world. Your anonymity is protected. When you become a Swingers style member, you'll be invisible to the outside world. Swingers Style consistently focuses on innovation and will stay cutting edge as technology evolves. 2. Our platform protects your identity and biometric facial recognition. Our platform is not open to web scraping. Individual, corporate entities, government mass collection of metadata, bulk collection, and mass surveillance are not possible on our platform. Facial Recognition companies, Malicious competitors, Individuals with bad intent, employers, background check and government entities won't be able to legally create fake profiles to join Swingers Style. 3. Our members are high caliber. We don't accept sexual predators, violent criminals, or pedophiles. We prioritize safety and anonymity over profit. We only accept 25% of prospective members. You will meet people on our platform you wouldn't meet on your own in real life. Our membership advisors use a combination of Artificial intelligence, their intuition, and our current members preferences to carefully hand-select our members. Our current members are critical thinkers, they don't expose themselves on public websites. Couples and single female memberships are not free. 4. We are more than a website. Our platform brings together a community of like-minded individuals. We keep you safe from sexual predators, violent offenders, and provide you with anonymity and legal protection. 5. We are committed to keeping our platform free from predators, high-risk violent offenders, and serial abusers. All Swingers Style Members have successfully passed an extensive National background check and a risk assessment review. We are in the process of building background check capabilities for Europe, Canada, and Australia. Swingers Style also conducts random background checks. Upon finding a new violent criminal case, that member will be banned from the platform until the case results in an acquittal or dismissal without coercing a victim to drop charges. Plea of no contest, Nolo contendere, or stay of adjudication are criminal convictions. Those plea agreements require a defendant to admit guilt in a criminal case. We consider these convictions. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled that the definition of "conviction" under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C. 1681, et seq, should be interpreted under federal law, not the law of the state where the criminal record is generated. See Aldaco v. RentGrow, Inc., No. 18-1932 (7th Cir.) 6. We don't tolerate revenge porn. Forty-eight states plus the District of Columbia and Guam have criminalized revenge porn. We take such matters very seriously and will aggressively criminally prosecute anyone involved in such behaviors. 7. We have many legal and technology mechanisms in place to restrain all current or prior members from ever legally revealing confidential information to outsiders. It is our policy to fully take aggressive legal action against anyone that violates our agreements. 8. We will never use your profile information and pictures to optimize our website 9. We have the world's best and brightest trial attorneys at your disposal. Experienced, aggressive, battle tested, high-powered lawyers and a dedicated team of investigators that are ready for immediate deployment. This elite team will vigorously protect your rights. 10. Fusex Social Club hosts all our events. No third parties.

What is behind the name Swingers Style?

We chose the Swingers Style name in honor of the lifestyle community. Style is defined as "a manner of doing something, a distinctive appearance, determined by the principles to which something is designed and elegance and sophistication." Swingers Style embodies this word and reflects the distinctive, purpose-driven intent to create something better for this community: a safe, private way to connect with like-minded people. We value our members' well-being, privacy, and safety over profits. The Swingers Style name reflects our mission and our core values.

In the past if I signed up with any public adult-oriented websites, is my biometric facial recognition or identity in the hands of government entities, corporations, background check companies, or the public?

The short answer is yes. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of orienting your website to rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP) so that you receive more traffic. The aim is typically to rank on the first page of Google results for search terms that mean the most to your target audience. When google crawlers find a webpage with descriptions and pictures, that page will certainly rank higher in the search engine. All adult oriented websites have used their users' profile descriptions and pictures to optimize their website. Publicly available sites are better optimized than non-publicly available sites and website owners are aware of that. When a search engine crawls a page with fresh pictures, they will rank higher in the search engine for certain keywords. As a result, those websites want to rank for certain keywords, and decided to make their websites publicly available in the process. They deliberately exposed their users' profiles faces for their personal gain. This was deliberate and their intentions are clearly reflected in their user agreements. Artificial intelligence (AI) companies has been quietly building their facial recognition databases by web scraping all Facebook Sexual oriented group, reddit sexual oriented group, all public websites which includes all lifestyle and sexual oriented websites. Driven by greed, all other lifestyle websites failed their users. It is legal for facial recognition companies to use web crawlers and scrape your information and facial recognition from these websites. Your information is already in the database of thousands of facial recognition companies, individuals, and government entities. According to the NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology), iris recognition is 90-99% accurate. ScienceDirect has also conducted a study that showed 100% effectiveness using the iris recognition method. It is believed that it is impossible to forge identification data using this method.

How do I find out which individuals, companies or government agencies already have my biometric facial recognition?

For the past 25+ years all Swingers, polyamorous, Kinks and sexual oriented websites were too busy focusing on having as many members as possible at any cost. They valued profits over people. They used deceptive fine print in their user agreement such as: "You grant us, pursuant to your intellectual property rights, only those limited rights that are necessary to assist you in your posting of Visual Content using our Facilities and to enhance the experience that Members enjoy when accessing our Site. Please be aware that no compensation will be paid to you or any third party with respect to our use of your Visual Content under this grant". They claim that showing your face to the public is part of improving user experiences. Their main intention was to optimize their websites. There is lifetime collateral damage to users due the irresponsible behaviors of these websites. Once you post your intimate information in those public platforms you will never have any control over the personal information collected on you. If you post your pictures or videos on any internet content subscription services platform, reddit sexual oriented group, any public sexual oriented, fakebook sexual oriented group, swingers, polyamorous, Kinks and sexual oriented websites, you've been exposed. You will never know which individuals, companies or government agencies already have your biometric facial recognition. In the Swingers Style closed restricted network, your anonymity and all your information will always be legally protected and restricted. You will always have 100% control over your privacy and information.

If I'm a business executive, professional team owner, high-profile athlete, celebrity, politician, high ranking law enforcement or military officer with a Top-Secret clearance, does the Swingers Style Platform have the expertise to keep me anonymous?

Swingersstyle.com and our event host partner Fusex Social Club are the world's best at guarding the privacy of individuals. We even have a setting where you can even hide your profile and browse the website anonymously. Other users won't be able to see your profile, while you can see theirs. Once you become a member, your identity will never be revealed to the outside world. Your identity and facial recognition are fully protected. All members have successfully passed an extensive criminal background check and your anonymity will always be 100% legally protected. Love rivals, ex partners, political rivals, government officials, your current or prospective employers, coworkers, friends, families, and your neighbors won't be able to create fake profiles on the platform to keep tabs on you.

Why does Swingers Style Require State ID as a part of the registration process?

Providing Swingers Style with State ID as a part of the registration process enables our team to prevent violent criminal offenders, minors, and people with bad intent from joining the platform. Facial recognition companies, government officials, employers, coworkers, friends, families, and neighbors won't be able to join the platform and create fake profiles to keep tabs on you or out you. Additionally, our National Criminal Background Check and Sex Offender Check is a comprehensive and extensive criminal check showing active DANCO/OFP, warrants, felonies, misdemeanors, and sex offenses. We also search for OFAC, OIG, and terrorist watchlists. Providing your State ID helps us protect you from unwanted guests, violent sexual predators, violent habitual criminals, and human traffickers. The privacy and safety of our members is paramount. We have a moral and legal obligation to protect our members and prevent minors from joining our platform.

What happens to my ID once I provide it?

When we approve your membership, you automatically enter into a lifetime non-Disclosure agreement with our company. Your information will never see the light of day, be sold, or disclosed to anyone. Swingers Style is a safe space. As a part of the registration process, after you upload a copy of your ID, it will be encrypted and stored securely in a secret, inaccessible offline database. Your ID won't be visible on your profile, to friends or to other people on Swingersstyle.com. If we decline your membership application, we won't keep any of your information in our database. To help ensure IDs are real, we use both manual review and automated systems. It is also in your best interest to provide Swingers Style your ID to prevent anyone from impersonating you. When you become a swingers style member you are legally protected.

What are the consequences if I provide a fake ID to Swingers Style?

Our cutting-edge investigative technology platform gives us the ability to discover a fake identity within 4 seconds. Don't make a fool of yourself. If you provide a fake ID, you will earn a lifetime ban from Swingers Style and our affiliates globally. Why do all the other Swingers, Poly and kinks websites accept people with violent criminal convictions? Revenue is the main objective of all the other Swingers, Poly and kinks websites. Swingers Style is an ethical, purpose driven platform. It is significantly more expensive to operate a closed restricted platform. Conducting comprehensive background checks and risk assessments erodes nearly half of the operating profit. Additionally, it requires a lot more financial resources and manpower to operate a closed Restricted platform and provide legal support. We choose your future, safety, and anonymity over profit.

If I get accepted into Swingers Style, can government entities, corporations, background check companies or the public be able to find out about my Swingers Style membership?

Swingers style data is not publicly available data. For the past 25+ years, all other swingers, kinks and polyamorous websites have been recklessly exposing their users. Scraping publicly available data is legal. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/09/tech/clearview-ai-aclu-settlement/index.html . At this time, all lifestylers facial-recognition data is already in the hands of government and private artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) companies. As a result, we've set the applicable internal and external legal perimeter and are using cutting edge technologies to preserve your anonymity. When you become a Swingers Style member, government entity, corporations, background check companies, or the public will never be able to find out about your Swingers Style membership. Your identity will always be 100% legally protected.

Why does my current or prospective employer want to know if I'm on public accessible lifestyle websites?

Government agencies and private companies have great interest in what their employers are posting in public. Most recruiters research candidates online to verify that they are authentic in how they present themselves. Most employers (96 percent) will google a job candidate they're considering. They check reddit group, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all social media, and take things further by checking publicly available sexual oriented websites. We interviewed many chief Human Resources officers, CEOs and hiring managers from the world's most admired companies and found that employers don't have any animosity towards the swingers, kinks, Poly, or any sexual oriented communities. They also don't care if you are in the lifestyle. The main business concern is that all those other swingers, kinks, Poly, and sexual oriented websites are openly publicly available websites ready to access and web scrape by anyone. Joining those platforms is like "walking naked in public". The company leaders mentioned that anyone who joins those websites have poor judgment and as a result, they won't trust anyone that put themselves in those situations to make decisions on behalf of their organizations. A brand perception is the sum of feelings a consumer has about a brand. These thoughts and feelings happen when a consumer is aware of the brand, and what follows when that consumer hears, sees, or interacts with the brand and its product.

If I currently have a profile on public lifestyle websites or sexually oriented Reddit or Facebook Groups, should I remove my profile from their websites?

Your digital footprint will have a lasting impact on your reputation, relationships, and employment opportunities. You can stop supplying your facial recognition data to facial recognition companies. It's your personal decision to keep exposing yourself or to remove your profile.

If I posted pictures or videos on those other public websites, will that impede my career or prevent me from running for public office in the future?

All other lifestyle websites you've used in the past are already infested with thousands of undetectable boots scrapers, facial recognition companies, government entities, private companies and background check firms that are continuously harvesting for your pics and videos. You will never be able to identify who is undercover, real, or fake on those websites. It is paramount to use sound and prudent judgment based on fact. It is basically career suicide and extremely dangerous to sign up with those others open public network lifestyle websites. It is your personal choice for you and your spouse to post your X-rated nude pictures or videos in those other public websites. However, you should know times and technology have changed. Even if your current employer hasn't found out yet, they will sooner or later due to web scraping and facial recognition. When your current or prospective employer finds out, you will lose your career and suffer extreme financial hardships and humiliation for years.

Does Swingers Style have the capability to host swingers, kinks, or polyamorous events nationwide?

We can host at least 1 event per month in all 50 states. We currently have 17,000+ members. Once, we reach 120,000 members nationwide or 2000 members per state, we will start hosting exclusive events in all 50 states once a month. It is advisable to refer your friends to Swingers Style.

Why does Swingers Style only allow Fusex Social Club to host Events on the platform?

The Swingers Style community is a closed restricted platform. Due to legal liability, and risk mitigation purposes, Fusex Social Club has the exclusive right to host all swingers style events globally.

How can I learn more about the dangers of public lifestyle websites, facial recognition, and web scraping?