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You ARE Not a Commodity. Know Your worth, Be Part of a Community That is Dedicated to Your Anonymity and Safety.

Welcome to Swingers Style, the world’s only pure closed restricted network for swingers, polyamory, and kinksters. The only platform in the world that can guarantee your safety and anonymity you can’t get anywhere else. When you become a member of our safe and exclusive community you will never have to be worried about your safety and privacy. You will always be anonymous and invisible to the outside world while exploring the lifestyle. Our risk mitigation team weed out all violent criminal offenders and drama kings and queens.

We used a personal matchmaking approach when selecting our members. We have fully implemented cutting edge artificial intelligence, machine learning, and people insights. Our process is intuitive and predictive. The current selection process is deeply intuitive, predictive data-driven: a goal-focused method of analyzing all people processes, functions, challenges, and opportunities to elevate these systems and achieve sustainable matching success for our couples and singles. With a combination of human instincts, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Swingers Style leads the way in innovation.

Knowing your worth is a very personal thing and it really has nothing to do with anyone else. It's your internal measure of how you value yourself. Don’t be a statistic! Be part of a platform that values you as an individual. As a swinger, polyamorous or kinkster, we know you require discretion to the fullest. Swingers Style is the only exclusive and restricted lifestyle platform where you can network with complete anonymity. Other open network swinger, polyamorous or kinkster websites will tell you discretion is paramount, but many fall short of delivering on this promise.

Unlike all of the other networking sites, we are not driven by the greed that has led to all of those other sites to unapologetically humiliate and exploit their members for 25+ years, while failing to provide discretion for the members of the swingers, kinks and polyamorous community. Our members have all undergone an extensive selection process that boasts a 25% acceptance rate. We understand this is a low rate, but it is a fact that we are proud of! We do this intentionally so you can be assured that you are included among a highly selective, safe, and discreet community.

We bring innovation and excitement to the swinger, polyamorous and kinkster community while placing a strong emphasis on anonymity and safety. Most swingers sites won’t even protect your private information and photos from internet searches. Often the fine print of the user agreements allows them to let your information be discoverable in an effort to gain higher keyword search rankings, without the awareness of their members.

At Swingers Style we value anonymity, safety, and quality over quantity. We believe that all swingers, polyamorous and kinksters deserve a safe platform and 100% anonymity while exploring the lifestyle. We take your privacy very seriously, so when you become a part of the exclusive Swingers Style community, you will not be treated like a commodity, statistic, or just another website profile. Rather, we provide you with a safe and anonymous platform to express your intimate desires and share your passionate stories among fellow swingers, polyamorous and kinksters. We will always stay true to our exclusive brand and core values of anonymity, safety, quality, and consistency.

Your Privacy Matters

Privacy is foundational to who we are as human beings and how we define our relationships with the outside world. For the past 25 + years, many swinger websites have unapologetically victimized their members instead of protecting them. These websites unethically use algorithms that automatically create HTMLs with the user’s profile for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. Many of these companies also use their user’s profile pictures as highlights for marketing and Google ranking purposes. This can be incredibly disturbing for many in the Lifestyle who are working professionals with families.

For the past 15+ years artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition companies have been silently and legally web scraping all open network, publicly available lifestyle websites, and all other public websites to build their facial recognition technology platforms. Now, nearly 99% of all lifestylers' facial recognition are in the database of government agencies, law enforcement agencies, companies, and individuals. Now those companies are in their product launching phase.

At Swingers Style we value the anonymity and safety of our community over our profits. Organizations that willfully victimize and place their members at risk by continuously exploiting and exposing their membership, speaks volumes about their intentions and core values. Statistics show that approximately 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process, while approximately 43% of employers use social media and Swingers site to check on current employees. Sobering statistics for anyone who has not read the fine print on some of these open network sites.

Joining in any of all the others open network, publicly accessible lifestyle websites or sexual oriented websites is the equivalency of self-sabotage and giving away your identity and fingerprints to government entities, law enforcement, private facial recognition companies, and individuals. When you become a Swingers Style member, your anonymity is guaranteed, and your biometric facial recognition will be 100% protected.

Unlike other websites that allow any violent offenders with a credit card to join, all prospective Swingers Style members go through an extensive 24-to-120-hours application review process, and not everyone will be approved for membership. Our current legal and technology strategies are the best in the world. We realize that some may disagree with the exclusivity of our organization, but we do this to preserve your anonymity, your personal safety and to provide you with the best possible experience. Any swinger, polyamorous or kinkster website, without any selection criteria, is less likely to provide its members with the quality, anonymity, safety, and exclusivity they deserve. Of course, we realize the choice is yours as to whether you want to stick with the same old sites that exploit your privacy, expose you to your employers, friends and families and offer only mediocrity to their members, but we hope you will agree that Swingers Style is different, and we aim to revolutionize the swinger, polyamorous or kinkster networking community.

Real Swingers, Polyamorous and Kinksters, Looking for Anonymity and Exclusivity.

If you are new to the Swinger lifestyle, chances are that you may be a bit nervous for a variety of reasons, and guess what? That’s totally normal, and we’ve got you covered! Swingers Style has done the hard work for you by screening applicants through a comprehensive selection process and giving you the tools to network with our other exclusive members.

With Swingers Style you can meet swingers, polyamorous or kinksters online, attend swingers parties, and be part of a private and secure swingers club. You may be surprised to discover that every day “normal” soccer moms and dads sign up for swinger websites and swinger clubs with the objective of meeting like-minded swinging couples and singles from all walks of life, and they can’t wait to meet you. By joining and participating in our events, you will have opportunities to meet high quality, local swingers and swinging couples. After that, you decide where your passions and desires will take you. Whether you’re single, married, looking to explore, or simply curious to discover what's out there, Swingers Style is your safest swinging lifestyle community.

Our Vision| Mission Statements

The Swinger lifestyle is an ethical, non-monogamous lifestyle in which sexual activity is deemed to be recreational or social. Swinging as an alternative lifestyle choice, began to become popular during the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Swingers can choose to meet and hook up with each other in many ways, but safety and consent are fundamental to this lifestyle.

Swingers Style mission and vision are quite simple: safeguard the anonymity of our fellow swingers, polyamorous and kinksters, while shining a positive awareness regarding the communities, and unifying likeminded, ethically non-monogamous individuals closer together.

Safe and Exclusive
Swinger Parties

If you’ve heard about swinger parties and are wondering what they are like, then you’ve come to the right place! We have selected Fusex Social Club as the only swingers club to host our swinger parties nationally, as well as in your area. Fusex Social Club is America’s most innovative swingers club. Fusex will provide you with all the information you need to know about swinger parties. For example, you may be wondering what kinds of people attend a swinger party? The answer is that you will meet all kinds of people at a swinger party. For the most part, they will be the same as the people you meet at any other party. The key difference being that you are all there to explore your mutual sexual desires and fantasies.

Before attending a swinger party, it is important as a couple to make sure that you are both on the same page. This means you know your personal boundaries, and you’ve mutually agreed to rules with realistic expectations, while at the same time understanding the potential need to modify the rules if your partner(s) agree. A good rule of thumb is to watch first, ask questions, then decide how you want to proceed.

The Swingers Style Community

The swingers lifestyle, sometimes referred as wife swap, is a social activity in which singles, married couples or partners in a committed relationship, sexually engage with others for recreational purposes. The swinger lifestyle is an ethically non-monogamous (ENM) type of open relationship. Individuals may choose this lifestyle for a variety of reasons. For example, some couples may want to engage in new and different types of sexual activities, others may want to simply spice up their marriage, while still others may just be curious or want to make new friends. Whatever your reason, we believe a swinger lifestyle can be a healthy outlet and a means to strengthen a marriage or relationship. In fact, many in the swinger lifestyle will cite increased quality and quantity of sex in their marriages or relationships. Additionally, most swingers tend to be highly educated, classy individuals with a taste for the finer things in life. Many are very selective of whom they have sexual encounters with, and contrary to what some may think, swingers are not sex addicts. Rather they often spend far more time having in-depth conversations about feelings and relationship boundaries than engaging in sex.

You may be surprised to discover that not all swingers are just looking for sex with other couples, and many swingers don’t have sexual relationships with just anyone. Sex is simply not the central focus or primary activity in their relationships. Friendship is often the most important aspect of the swingers lifestyle. Additionally, you are not required to be part of a swingers lifestyle community to participate. Swingers that join the Swingers Style community consist of swinging couples, seasoned swingers, curious singles, newlyweds, curious partners, fetish seekers, and discreet lovers. You name it, you will find what you are looking for on Swingers Style!

Swingers Style is for Everyone

After you are accepted to the Swingers Style, closed restricted network, you will become part of one the safest, most exclusive, and reliable swingers groups in the world. We encourage you to be social and make friends and connections. Here you will find members who are just like you. They are looking for everything from online flirtation to casual encounters, to long-term play partners. They are students, stay-at-home moms and dads, office workers, entrepreneurs, retirees, and everyone in between. All sexual orientations, relationship statuses, ages, income levels, and religions are accepted in Swingers Style. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to join a unique swingers platform like Swingers Style, we hope you are unified with us in your desire to seek out real connections, while maintaining your anonymity

You can be Anonymous and being part of the Safest Platform in the World

Swingers Style guarantees your anonymity 100 %. No need to be paranoid about seeing or stumble upon a family member, fiend, or someone you may know or work with. The Swingers Style platform have many internal and external legal and technology mechanisms in place to restrain all current members from ever being able to legally reveal confidential information to outsiders. It is our policy to take aggressive ethical legal actions against anyone that violates any of our members or agreements.

At our community you’ll have the brightest legal minded trial attorneys at your disposal. Experienced, aggressive, battle-tested, high-powered super lawyers, with a dedicated team of investigators ready for immediate deployment. Those elite team of professionals will vigorously protect your constitutional rights against the government and evil bad actors. Swinger sites and apps are everywhere, all of them willing to let anyone with extremely violent criminal history to become members without any selection process whatsoever. As a result, discretion and safety are not fully guaranteed. At Swingers Style we know the risks and are here to ensure they are mitigated.

Why Join Swingers Style?

As a Swingers Style member, you will have control of exactly what you want others to see. We will provide you with options to customize your content and even hide your profile. You’ll be able to see other profiles, but they won’t be able to see you. We’ve got your back 100 % from a privacy, safety, legal and technology standpoint. All Swingers Style members have successfully passed an extensive criminal background check and been individually selected. Your anonymity will always be 100% legally protected.

Federal, state, city, and local government officials, your current or prospective employers, coworkers, friends, families, your neighbors won’t be able to web scrape your biometric facial recognition. They also won’t be able to create fake profiles on the platform to later used the lifestyle against you.

We are capable of intercepting, tracking, and prosecuting those that are intentionally meant to violate your privacy. We are eager and dedicated to do so. Current or prospective members won’t be able to falsely accuse you of crime you didn’t commit. Current or prospective members won’t be able to legally outed you. Everything you do on the platform will always be legally protected. All of your information is secure.

Your facial recognition will always be protected. Web scraping is not possible. Individual, corporate entities, government mass collection of metadata, bulk collection, and mass surveillance are not possible on our platform. We have a strong internal and external perimeter that will always protect you from blackmailing, abuse, false accusations and more. Our platform legally protects you in more than 160+ different scenarios. Your identity will never be discovered by anyone in the general public. Your anonymity will always be protected. When you become a Swingers Style member, you’ll be invisible to the outside world.

Employers want to know you beyond your cover letter and resume. They Google you, searching your personal and professional social media digital footprint. Times have changed. They look further by searching adult focused websites for photos, videos, or information you might have posted online facial recognition makes it all possible within minutes: a disturbing new trend. They will search your digital footprints and profiles you have publicly available in all public open networks’ websites and it’s legal. is the only closed restricted platform for swingers, polyamory, and kinksters. We are aware there might be some copycats that claim they are also closed restricted networks. Our platform and current process are nearly impossible to replicate.

One of the most important reasons to be careful about what you post on public open network websites, is that it will have a detrimental effect on your career and your family. There are many reasons to be careful about what swingers, polyamory, sexual oriented, or kinks apps or platform you sign up with. You work hard to build your career and reputation and you want and deserve privacy. Thousands of governmental and private entities have successfully created fake accounts and joined all those other swingers, kinks, polyamorous and sexually oriented websites to check for their employees and to create their facial recognition database. Don’t make a career-ending mistake by signing up with these websites.

Employers have fired their current employees and eliminated prospective employees based on social media and public sex-oriented website finding. Our robust legal structure, technology and extensive vetting process prevent those disasters. Once you become a Swingers Style member, you will be invisible to the outside world. Private individuals or organizations with bad intentions won’t be able to join our platform to violate your privacy.

Our extensive vetting process, legal requirements and tracking mechanism allow our platform to choose only authentic members. Those that intend to violate the privacy of our members will pay a hefty price. Our current process makes it possible to track, intercept and civilly or criminally prosecuted bad actors on behalf of our members and our organization to the fullest extent and we are dedicated to do so. = 100 % safety and anonymity.

Who We Are

Swingers Style was founded by a group of swingers and kinksters that were tired of being exploited and intentionally victimized by other Swinger, kinks, poly, and sexual oriented sites. Because we are in this lifestyle, we also understand the current trends in the community, as well as current trends with technology. We want to make sure we are keeping both of these things in mind so we can consistently offer new and exciting opportunities to our members.

As a purpose-driven platform we will always be working relentlessly toward our goal to remove the stigma associated with polyamorous, swingers and kinksters. For some of us, this is a multi-generational lifestyle choice, and our parents or grandparents have been stigmatized and marginalized for choosing this lifestyle. We feel the best way to bring about change is to educate others. We hope that by bringing likeminded people together in a secure community. We can start the conversations that will change our society’s perspectives towards swingers and kinksters, so that we can begin to normalize the swinger/ENM lifestyle.

The Only Swingers
Website of its Kind

Regardless of your gender identity, age or sexual orientation. Whether you are single, part of a couple or other ENM relationship configuration, we welcome you to sign up for the Swinger Style website. We welcome all real swingers; no fake profiles or people seeking to exploit or take advantage of others. We recognize that mutual attraction and good moral character is important to our members, so we will never be apologetic about our selection process. It is designed to ensure safety, confidentiality, and exclusivity for our members. With the Swingers Style website, we do the background work for you so you know you are connecting with real people on a one-of-a-kind, secure and restricted social networking platform.

What Makes Swingers Style Different?

At Swingers Style, you will be completely anonymous and part of a highly selective, protected, closed, restricted network of swingers, kinksters and polyamorous. We do not want our community to become known as “every swingers first mistake.” Many open network, public swinger websites are only concerned about taking your money, putting you at risk, and using your information and pictures for Google rankings. They have been doing this for the past 25+ years. We are different because the Swingers Style priorities are different. We are not simply after volumes, and profit.

We are more concerned with giving our members the best experience we can and mitigating the issues that plague many other swinger websites. What you will find at Swingers Style is a new group of lifestylers who are open-minded, uninhibited, flirtatious, highly social, and just flat out fun to be around. Even though you may not have sexual chemistry with everyone, we think you will have a far easier time finding actual people to connect with and will cultivate real friendships in the swinger community.