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Choose the World’s Only Pure Closed Restricted Network For Swingers, Kinksters and Polyamorous

  1. Anonymity Have you dreamed of remaining anonymous while enjoying the Swingers, Kinks/BDSM or Polyamory lifestyle? Your dreams are now a reality; welcome to the world’s only platform that can safeguard your anonymity. After a decade of research and development, we have created a revolutionary platform that keeps you 100% anonymous and legally protected while you explore your desires. No more fear of being outed or discovered by coworkers, vanilla friends, employers, neighbors, relatives, or any other nosy individuals.

    Our process is confidential and highly selective. We only accept 1 in 4 applications into our elite platform, prioritizing quality and safety over quantity. As your matchmaking concierge, we review and handpick each member. When you become a Swingers Style member, you will be completely concealed from any connection to the lifestyle. No other Swingers, Kinks/BDSM or Polyamory platform can make the same claims. This is not sci-fi; this is innovation that excites. It only takes 15 minutes to get started, simply complete our application, and upload your state ID for the background check. We can’t wait to meet you and hear what turns you on. Join Swingers Style today: Where Desire and Privacy Meet.

  2. Safety We intercept all criminals and possible blackmailers before you invite them in your private space. Our risk mitigation team runs comprehensive national and international criminal background checks on all applicants and conducts a risk assessment so you can play worry-free. Violent criminals, intimate partner abusers, sex offenders, and other individuals who like to prey upon others with malicious intent are not able to join our community. We screen every prospective member individually and our rigorous application process is unmatched. We ensure people are who they say they are and conduct themselves with integrity and honesty. Our standards are unapologetically high. We have a community of quality members who are here to remain anonymous and play safely with other high-quality people.

  3. Exclusive High-Quality Members Swingers Style allows you to have full control over your privacy and your personal branding. The people you meet on our platform and at our exclusive events are individuals you may never meet in real life or at other swinger’s clubs and public websites. Our proprietary, six step, matchmaking process matches you with like-minded lifestylers. Your privacy is your intrinsic right. We are your personalized legal counsel, private security, and matchmaking concierge. When you become a member, we seal your identity, and all members are legally restricted to secrecy. This allows you access to the most elite, high quality, safe, and sexy individuals with erotic fantasies to share. You will spend less time finding the right match and will have more time playing.

Join the World’s Only Closed Restricted Network for Swingers, Polyamory, and Kink Communities

At, we value, defend, and protect your anonymity, so you can explore your desires. We developed the platform using the most advanced, cutting-edge technology, and inputs from industry experts, (including State and Federal judges, cybersecurity experts, supreme court appellate lawyers, chief Human Resources officers, Fortune 500 CEOs and hiring managers). We know how to protect and legally defend your privacy so you can focus on what excites you.

When you become a member of our exclusive and elite community, you can play freely, knowing you are invisible to the outside world. You have the right to explore your sexuality and protect your privacy. As legal minded innovators, we have taken swift action to protect our communities and built an innovative platform that allows you to do both. Be in charge of desires and your privacy, Join Swingers Style Today!

How We Keep You Anonymous & Safe

Swingers Style was founded on the principle that all swingers, kinksters and polyamorous individuals deserve dignity, safety, and anonymity. There is no other lifestyle platform in the world like Swingers Style. Unlike other websites that allow anyone with a credit card to join, all prospective Swingers Style members go through extensive National, International Criminal background checks and successfully pass a security risk analysis. Only 1 in 4 applications are approved for membership, resulting in a highly selective, safe, and discreet community.

When you become a Swingers Style member, your anonymity is guaranteed, and your biometric facial recognition will be 100% safeguarded. We believe in quality over quantity and our highly selective membership process ensures we uphold these values.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to be the world’s safest and sexiest platform for alternative sexual lifestyles. We believe honesty and open communication build strong relationships and desires should be shared. Contrary to social conditioning, we believe there is space for healthy sexual relationships, outside of monogamy.

We are passionate about spreading sex positivity, educating people about the lifestyle, and connecting like-minded people. We encourage everyone to live authentically and liberate themselves. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the world, and it shouldn’t be caged, it should be freed.

What Makes Swingers Style Different

We value you: your safety, your privacy, and your desire to meet classy, exiting people. When you become a member of Swingers Style, you will be a part of an elite club; one the safest, most exclusive, lifestyle communities in the world.

All swinger sites and apps are publicly accessible and allow anyone to harvest your facial recognition data. They also allow violent criminals to become members. As a result, discretion and safety are not guaranteed. We are here to keep you safe, anonymous, and enjoying the company of desirable, like-minded people.